5 Best Apps for Apple Watch: Here’s Everything We Need To Know


The Apple Watch is not only a stylish accessory, but it is also a smart gadget on which, just like the iPhone, you can also install many applications. Many will say: why install third-party software when there are a number of native programs that offer all the necessary functions? We have collected applications for you that reveal the full potential of this portable gadget.


This list could be much longer, but we have decided not to include applications such as, for example, Crypto Pro – Bitcoin Tracker, which is very popular but only among those who know cryptocurrencies. While it’s worth noting that there are plenty of sites that accept Bitcoin as payment, our list is focused on generally popular apps that anyone can use.

List of the 5 best apps for the Apple Watch


A popular sleep tracker that uses Apple Watch apps for more accurate measurements. It reads the phases of sleep, assesses its quality, and makes recommendations based on recorded data and user reports on the state after waking up. There’s only one downside: you have to remember to charge your Apple Watch overnight for the app to work.


A simple yet useful time-tracking app for Apple Watch that lets you clearly know how much time you have spent on a particular project. Apple Watch trackers sync with iPhone, allowing you to start a new period on your watch and continue on your smartphone, or vice versa. In the iPhone application, you can view statistics for a given period (a specific week, month, or year) and a subscription increases the number of available projects from 5 to infinity. If you don’t have a lot of permanent projects, the free version will suffice, as long as it doesn’t contain any ads.


A popular music apple watch app that not only lets you control music playback on other devices but also lets you listen to music and podcasts on your watch without connecting to your iPhone.

On Spotify Music, you:

  • Can play sports;
  • Drive;
  • Out with friends.

Please note: although the application itself is free, you can only listen to music directly from the watch and download songs to the device’s memory if you have a Premium subscription.

Lose It!

App for apple watches to count calories with a large database of products (including Russian) and their nutritional value. To add what you ate, simply scan the barcode on the packaging. On the clock, you can track results (both for the day and for the week), and record meals and weight changes.


A useful application for those who practice swimming. In addition to swim tracking, the service also offers a wide variety of workouts aimed at keeping the athlete fit. The training log can be exported in PDF format to be viewed on a computer and shared with others, there is also the possibility to compete with friends and synchronize with STRAVA.


These five apps are exactly what you’ll need if you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch. With these apps, you can fill your life with vibrant music, sports, and experience what it’s like to get up early and still get enough sleep! We hope you will take our advice into consideration and install these apps on your smartwatch. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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