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Android 14: Here’s All Information about the Operating System

In mid-August 2022, Google officially declared the development of Android 13 to be over. Google is now distributing the operating system to its own smartphones, while other manufacturers are still working on their own versions. At Google, the focus is already on the future: development of Android 14 started even before Android 13 was finished and is now a priority. Little by little, the innovations that the version is supposed to offer come to light.
Android 14
Android 14

Android 14: These innovations are coming (maybe)

Not much is known about Google’s plans for Android 14 so far. In the background, however, development is already underway and it shouldn’t be long before further details become known. So far it is only clear that the space company SpaceX and the mobile phone provider T-Mobile are working on innovation for Android 14. The two companies plan to implement satellite Internet on the operating system.
And how does it all work? Apple has installed similar technology in the iPhone 14, which enables communication via satellite in remote areas to make an emergency call. However, implementation is limited to the USA and Canada for the time being – Germany and the rest of the world is left out. With Android 14, the devices in dead spots should connect to satellites and thus at least enable text messages and calls. The 2 to 4 megabits per second are not sufficient for more.
In addition, Google is apparently working on the integration of a new system app. So far, it has existed as a beta in the Google Play Store – and has received little attention there: It’s about Health Connect. With the support of this application, fitness data can be exchanged between fitness apps such as Fitbit or Samsung Health – with Health Connect as a secure interface. The cooperation of the apps can thus be further improved. 

When will Android 14 be released?

There is no concrete release date for Android 14 yet. However, the release dates of the previous versions can be used to estimate when the time will come. If Google continues to stick to the schedule, Android 14 will land on the first smartphones in August or September 2023. A beta version for app developers could be available as early as February 2023, with the public beta version usually following a few months later.

That’s the name of Android 14

With Android, 10 Google stopped publishing the cute nickname of the Android versions. Previously, each variant upon release contained a candy name and a corresponding hidden game. After the official end of the sweet names, the teams continue to snack internally – that’s why Android 14 also gets a special name. In the alphabet, the versions have arrived at “U”: tradition dictates that the dessert begins with this letter. Accordingly, it is not surprising that the naming, according to insiders, is “Upside Down Cake”. This is a cake in which the topping comes into the mold first, followed by the dough. After baking, turn the cake out so that it is correctly positioned for serving. In the US, the most famous version is an upside-down cake with pineapple – but cherries, apples, and peaches are also used in the recipes. Brazil and Portugal have almost identical recipes in their national kitchen. In France, there is a delicious variation of the Tarte Tatin.



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