Best Tips To Get One-Tap Free Fire Headshot


As we all know that PUBG game was ban in India after that Free Fire is one of the most popular game which is played in India. It is known for its popular character Roster, Pets, Appealing, Cosmetic and features. In free fire game headshot or an easier way to take down Enemies and if you master them you can have the most kills in the lobby. But it’s not easy you will require a lot of practice and skills for that.

Best Tips To Get One-Tap Free Fire Headshot

Free Fire Headshots Guide Best Tips and Tricks to Master One – Tap Headshots

1. Finger Layout

If you want to perform very well in this game then one must have to master all the the in game controls. One thing make sure that you have a perfect finger layout so you can act quickly that doesn’t matter how many fingers you will play with as long as you have a grip on all controls but that’s guarantee quick reflexes.

2. Sensitivity

It is one of the most important path for a player to perform well in the sensitivity plays an important role in the game while you are aiming for headshots. you must have to try I playing by making all sorts of adjustment in the sensitivity section from this you can pull out one good master settings.

3. Try practicing more and more

After making all these changes then implementing all the necessary things if you want to well play in the game then you have tu to do more and more practice to make headshots for perform practice with your controls and sensitivity to improve aiming which can be more useful in picking one tap headshot in the game.

Free Fire Headshots Guide Best Tips and Tricks

  • Situp Headshot:- As a player you may be noticed one thing that headshot would not be obtained by only sitting. You can try this trick where you can should follow these actions: Sit, Scope in, Stand and Fire.

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  • Prone Up Headshot:- This is the best trick which is super well with the guns district might be difficult to do but you are guaranteed a headshot follow these to get a headshot by this trick: Prone, Place the cross hair on the enemy leg, Drag the fire button, tap on the fire button try these steps within 0.5 second Upon Spotting an enemy.
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  • Jump Drag Headshot: This is one of the best trick for headshot jump and drag the fire button while placing a good aim on the enemy to get this headshot.
  • One Shot or Lucky Shot: One Shot aur Lucky short trick only work when the enemy is in a rest position. If the enemy is moving then this week cannot be work. The enemy while he is in a standing position, your aim drag the fire button to get a lucky headshot.

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You must now know very well how to get headshot in free fire game and if you also want to get headshot in your free fire game then follow our above given tricks and enjoy free fire game. If you like our today’s article then share it to other also and if you have any query about this article then commenting in comment box we will completely help you.

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