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How to change cursor speed in macOS Ventura?


macOS: One of the important parameters of the system is the cursor movement speed. Ease of control depends on it, especially when using third-party manipulators or large monitors.

You can change the option in the system settings, and for finer tuning, you will have to use third-party software.

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How to change cursor speed in macOS settings?

The basic cursor speed setting is available using the standard settings of the operating system.

▶ Launch System Preferences via Spotlight search, Launchpad, or from the Dock.

▶ Open the Mouse/Trackpad section (depending on the pointing device you are using).

▶ Use the Move speed slider to set a suitable value for the parameter.


The changes take effect immediately and you can test the new settings without restarting your Mac.

How to change cursor speed using third-party apps?

There are several third-party utilities that allow you to change the pointer parameters more flexibly, going beyond the standard settings.

▶ Download and install the LinearMouse app from GitHub.

▶ Run the utility and grant all necessary permissions for the program to work.

▶ Open the application options via the indicator in the menu bar.

▶ On the Pointer tab, you can set a suitable movement speed or change the acceleration parameter.


Unlike the standard system settings, you can not change the speed itself, but increase the acceleration parameter and flexibly adjust the cursor movement.

On other application tabs, you can change the scroll direction, add a modifier key to move the cursor quickly only when it is pressed, or set other useful options.

Please note that when using the utility, you will be able to set separate settings for each mouse or trackpad if you use several gadgets. Don’t forget to enable LinearMouse to autostart when you log in.



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