How to charge Xiaomi phones correctly? Here All facts


We use our smartphones actively throughout the day. Well, if we asked whether you would like to extend the battery life of your devices even more, we think everyone will say “Yes” to this question. Here’s the right way to charge smartphones.

How to charge Xiaomi phones correctly?

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, smartphones are getting smarter and people are getting lazier. Because we do not drop our phones all day long, and we do all our work with these devices.

So, can we charge Xiaomi smartphones correctly? Let’s leave you alone with the news that will surprise those who know the truth and say ” Oh, is this how it is “.

How to achieve the longest possible battery life?

Thanks to the latest technology, we can say that the batteries in our phones have also experienced a relatively big improvement. Existing lithium-ion batteries have many positive features, but it’s also important to take good care of the battery.

Owners of rechargeable electronic devices (which now include cars, robot vacuums, and possibly future domestic servant robots ) have noticed a certain decrease in the capacity of their batteries during prolonged use. This is not unusual, but you can significantly reduce the capacity drop rate and endurance per charge by applying the right charging methods.

So what are these “Correct charging methods?”; 

SamsungAppleXiaomiOppoSonyHuaweiGoogle, etc. phone owners can increase battery durability by trying these methods. Because proper charging is an important factor in maintaining the best possible battery life. Examples of battery abuse are Full charge or discharge, and high or low temperatures.

Experts recommend keeping the battery capacities of smartphones ideally in the range of 20-80%. “Charging” the battery to the full is not right at all according to the new battery technology. Because Li-ion batteries have a certain charge cycle capacity. For example, every time you make a full charge of 100,000 charging cycles given by the factory, you will decrease by 1.

The second important factor affecting battery life is high temperatures. High-speed charges overheat the battery. Heat is the most important enemy of the battery.


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