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How to connect Amazon Echo speaker via Bluetooth ?


If the Amazon Echo speakers are designed to work with the Internet, they are not cut off from their immediate surroundings. Accordingly, linking them to your computer or smartphone is very straightforward. We will describe here how to connect an Amazon Echo-connected speaker via Bluetooth.

Connected speakers, such as the Amazon Echo, often become our introductory means of listening to music or podcasts. Nevertheless, you may want to enjoy songs accumulated on your smartphone or have finer control of your audio streaming services.

How to connect an Amazon Echo Speaker via Bluetooth?

When Alexa was born, it was possible to voice pair an Echo with other Bluetooth products. However, on a daily basis, the pairing was not an easy operation. Amazon now favors the Alexa app to combine an Amazon Echo speaker via Bluetooth.

  • Download Amazon Alexa for freeAlexa
  • Launch the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Select the Devices tab, then your Amazon Echo speaker from the list of installed connected products.
  • On the next window, identify the Bluetooth Connection section.
  • Tap Connect Device to initiate pairing.
  • The list of available Bluetooth devices then occurs, wait at least a minute (the identification process can be a bit long on the first-generation Echo).
  • Select the correct device (here the Pixel 7 Pro ) and the pairing is done automatically.Amazon Echo

The brilliance of Alexa will serve you in the future. Undoubtedly, you will no longer have to launch a voice command or go through the Alexa app to activate the Bluetooth connection, this will be done automatically.



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