How to Find Mobile Without Internet?

Find Mobile: Google intends to significantly improve the Find (My Device) proprietary service, which allows you to track the location of Android smartphones and related devices. With the December system update, it will be possible to find lost gadgets even without an Internet connection.

Find Mobile

This update means that it will be possible to find a lost smartphone even if it is not connected to the Internet, which was a critical limitation in the past. Now, Android smartphones will be able to “communicate” with each other via Bluetooth, thereby transmitting information about nearby devices. It is noted that all data is encrypted, and smartphone owners will not be able to find out the location of gadgets next to them – this information, as before, will only be with Google. It is worth noting that the search function for devices from Apple and Samsung is executed in a similar way.


The feature description note states that it requires Google Play services version 49.22 dated 12/08/2022. When this innovation will become available to users is not specified.

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