OnePlus First Mechanical Keyboard 1215 unveiled


As an audiophile-born brand, OnePlus seems poised to enter a different audiophile segment; they recently announced they would be making a mechanical keyboard with Keychron.

While there isn’t much official information about the keyboard yet, we do have wind; first, the keyboard will feature Keychron technology, which means it will be fully customizable, and we’ll be talking about it on December 15th. It doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait long for more details.

OnePlus Keyboard
OnePlus Keyboard

If you’re not familiar with Keychron, they’re a very popular keyboard manufacturer that offers a whole range of keyboard options from pre-built materials to individual switches and components.

From personal experience, their products are especially popular with Mac users because it is so easy to switch operating system configurations on their keyboards.

And when you order a customizable keyboard, there’s a very easy-to-follow, yet extensive customization checklist.

That being said, a post by OnePlus Product Manager Percy shared some details about what users can expect from the mechanical keyboard debut.

Apparently, the keyboard was developed with the help of community members participating in OnePlus’ Open Ears forum, so he boiled down participants’ complaints to a few major pain points.

The first is the daily office environment. Users have many electronic products and peripheral devices, and their desks will become messy, which is a problem they want to avoid.

Then there is ergonomics. As a device that is used for a long time, a keyboard that is too high may hurt the wrist; the other two points are the preference details of the mechanical keyboard and the price.

Most of the above are valid points, and I think any keyboard user would agree; customizable mechanical keyboards are usually expensive, and it would be nice if the big companies could bring the cost down to something more affordable.

Percy says the new OnePlus keyboard is designed to address this issue, and he believes the upcoming keyboard will accomplish many of those goals.

These goals include a design that combines “durability with a soft touch,” a keyboard that’s “suitable for all major work requirements,” and something that’s “durable even after long-term use.”

If you combine that with the effective features Keychron is bringing to its keyboards, there’s really no reason not to be excited.

My only concern is that it will end up being a remake of the soon-to-be-killed Keychron model.

While there may be some overlap, I hope the OnePlus keyboard is capable enough to stand alone as a good option, rather than a cheap marketing push (i.e. the Keychron keyboard with the OnePlus label).

In the meantime, if you’re interested in getting into the mechanical keyboard world, you can affordably build your own from now on, and you can also get in touch with pre-built mechanical keyboard manufacturers who, in my experience, can do very well.



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