Price Forecast Height (Alu) 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050


Altura is the innovation zone where blockchain meets NFT, or digital collectibles. Altura has claimed to be the largest BSC NFT gaming portal for smart NFTs. Contract managed smart platform that allows the user to mint, transfer, store and distribute smart NFTs, especially in gaming items.

Key product of the Smart NFT project, where each NFT in this category will have dynamic properties adjusted according to conditions.

Altura is also considering building the future of NFTs, where the platform offers out-of-the-box tools and infrastructure for developers and users.

This tool will help developers integrate different NFTs into virtual games, metaverses, and 3D/VR. each interface, API, and the tool is more user-friendly and massively adjustable according to the requirements.

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In short, Altura will replace the traditional NFT features and try to explore more user cases and possibilities for the near future.

NFT loo boxes will create additional earning opportunities for the game developer. Every player and developer will have the right to get a random drop of NFTs from loot boxes, as the rarity of NFTs will depend on luck.

Each NFT will have different properties like name, icon, description and other details. Eventually, Altura will model NFTs in the metaverse growth space and NFT game.

Height Price Forecast

Month and year ALU Price Forecast
September 2022 $0.03
October 2022 $0.04
September 2022 $0.04
December 2022 $0.05
January 2023 $0.05
February 2023 $0.04
April 2023 $0.04
April 2023 $0.05
May 2023 $0.06
June 2023 $0.06
September 2023 $0.06
December 2023 $0.07
April 2024 $0.06
July 2024 $0.07
October 2024 $0.07
January 2025 $0.08
February 2025 $0.17
April 2025 $0.17
April 2025 $0.19
May 2025 $0.19
June 2025 $0.20
July 2025 $0.22
July 2025 $0.25
September 2025 $0.23
October 2025 $0.23
October 2025 $0.27
December 2025 $0.27
January 2030 $0.59
April 2030 $0.63
May 2030 $0.70
July 2030 $0.65
September 2030 $0.74
December 2030 $0.77

Height Overview

Project’s name height
ticker symbol Aluminum
total supply 1,000,000,000
Official Web site
Based on smart npts
Release year 2021
height bsc
exchange platform Door, Pancakeswap, Babyswap, Dodo BSC
wallet Metamaschera, Trust Wallet

ALU Token Price Analysis

ALU is the digital collectors market’s premier utility token and the ticket to NFT loot boxes. This token will be used to buy or sell NFTs on the market and at the same time, the revenue will be distributed among the developer. All transaction fees will be paid in ALU tokens since small fees are charge, but due to a larger number of income, they will be higher. since then, the price of IDO ALU has increased almost 80 times with a market capitalization of $200 million. In the next bull run, we could see the price hit $1 and then move on to the next $1 target.


Platform used 0XBULL
Generated by $171,000 USD
ICO Date April 27, 2021
ICO price $0.00057 USD
partner Chainlink, CryptoBlades, Chaincade, Polkacity, NFTTrade, Wizard, Biswap, Deepspace, m Content, Rune, Babyswap.


Altura is a blockchain project that has the potential to change the landscape of the growing demand and personalization in NFTs. We know, the Blockchain industry is surrounded by different kinds of niches as in 2021 which include Memecoin, Defi, NFT, and now metaverse. Following the name change from Facebook to the metaverse and the growth of the NFT game is currently at its peak. Therefore, in this growth Height will play an important role in the evolution of the metaverse. The project is currently in the top 500 positions in market capitalization and with the probability of reaching billions of market capitalization, we could see Altura in the top 300 crypto projects.


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