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realme Book Prime: the right laptop for work for 83000 MRP?


Now the laptop market is filled with the same models, and they all offer equal opportunities. How not to make a mistake with the choice? Pay close attention to the nuances. We’ve highlighted five key points to help you find the right laptop for the job.

realme Book Prime

A versatile laptop is versatile enough to be able to do everything at once: long battery life, decent performance from the mains, and a bright screen with decent color reproduction. I also wish it wasn’t too expensive. Providing such conflicting characteristics is a complex engineering challenge.

realme analyzed the main workloads on such laptops and solved the problem in its own way. Specialists took a powerful i5, and supplied it with a decent cooling system and a non-standard screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The result is a quality laptop for all occasions. Its performance is enough to work with complex tables, PDF files, and Photoshop. The screen is equally suitable for viewing large text documents and for processing images, and the keyboard and touchpad provide a pleasant user experience and do not require additional peripherals to work outside the office or at home.

Balanced Configuration

Modern thin laptops are almost unsuitable for upgrades. If soldered processors no longer surprise anyone (yes, yes, they used to change before), then today RAM is also tightly attached – there is not even an additional slot for the SO-DIMM module. Therefore, the choice of iron must be approached with special responsibility. There should be no “bottlenecks” in the configuration that will prevent you from using the device for a couple of years.

Instead of ULV processors that can only provide adequate performance for a few minutes, realme Book Prime has a full 45-watt Core i5 11320H. The processor is not the newest, but affordable and able to work under loads for long hours without reducing the frequencies if the cooling does not fail.

With cooling, the model, by the way, is in full order. To prevent the processor from throttling due to high temperatures and not reducing performance, realme created a special cooling system. On the official website, it is called liquid. Of course, there is liquid in it, but you should not confuse such coolers with the usual “dropsy”. The laptop has a phase change system, where the low-boiling fraction in the vacuum chamber turns into a vapor state, taking away heat from the processor and integrated graphics, and then condenses in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe radiators, returning to a liquid state. And so on in a circle.

In a word, cooling is efficient and does not take up much space. The implementation of realme differs from the classic heat pipes in that it uses a large evaporation chamber with special internal nanostructures that increase the contact area of ​​the copper heat spreader with the refrigerant. Typically, such systems are placed in gaming laptops with a higher cost.

16 GB of RAM was immediately soldered, and not just any, but high-speed LPDDR4, since it is used both for data storage and as video memory for the integrated Intel Iris XE graphics. A 512 GB SSD is also installed – a classic M.2 PCI-E drive that provides high read and writes speeds. A similar volume is enough for Windows, for a mountain of application software, and for storing working files. Even a couple of not the most simple toys can be installed because the Intel plug-in has been pumped well and gives decent results in three-dimensional applications.

Size decides

To work with text and graphics, you want to have a large screen, but this leads to an increase in the size and weight of the laptop, and in the meantime, mobility is reduced. In a small case, on the contrary, it is more difficult to place a productive stuffing. And how to be? Realme went by changing the aspect ratio of the display. Of all the rectangles, the square has the largest ratio of area to diagonal. A square display is hardly comfortable, but with a 3:2 aspect ratio, it’s a completely different matter. With one shot you kill several birds with one stone.

realme Book Prime

Firstly, much more text is placed on the screen than on conventional models with 16:9 proportions – you can place two sheets of text side by side and calmly compare them, translate, and compile a report from several sources. Secondly, in the case of such a laptop, it is easier to organize competent cooling so that powerful fans and large radiators do not take up precious space from the battery.

Finally, with such proportions, there is more space for the touchpad. The keyboard always occupies a more or less constant area, and the size of the touchpad depends on the proportions of the body and the space required for comfortable hand placement when typing. Here everything comes into a balanced view by itself. Moreover, the laptop takes up as much space as other 14-inch models and weighs less than 1.4 kg. There are several devices on the market with less weight, but they either have weaker iron or less usable display area – and this is for the sake of saving some 50-70 grams of weight.

A good screen is the head of everything

The portability of a laptop places high demands on the display: it must display a high-quality image in a variety of conditions while consuming a minimum amount of energy and producing pleasing colors with full coverage of the standard sRGB color space.

Since the new realme is equipped with a custom IPS-matrix with a resolution of 2160 by 1440 pixels, the beauty of the image on its screen is combined with energy efficiency and low graphics load. The maximum brightness is in the region of 390-400 nits, which allows you to “kill” the exposure from sunlight and work outdoors. The minimum is around 30-40 nits, so you can sit in complete darkness without unnecessary strain on your eyesight.

The glossy coating is equipped with an anti-reflective layer that reduces the brightness of reflections and ensures the saturation of blacks. The factory calibration of the matrix is ​​adequate: the display fully (> 98%) covers the sRGB color space. Photos and videos look natural and lively, you can work with graphics without additional shamanism with color reproduction.

Conscientious autonomy

If the laptop is running on battery power, then both the load on the computing cores and the brightness of the display are equally important. Do not write off hardware factors: battery capacity, the energy efficiency of iron, or the quality of the element base. The laptop has a 54 Wh battery. The capacity is not a record, but the power consumption optimization is at its best, so the model can withstand the entire working day under office loads. These are not bad numbers, considering the i5 processor from the full-fledged H-series, and not the ULV trim.

⬇️realme Book Prime

When working with documents, instant messengers, unobtrusive use of graphic editors, and watching videos online at an average screen brightness for 8 hours, realme Book Prime consumes about 80% of the charge. Recharging through a native power supply (65 W USB Type-C) occurs at a rate of approximately 1.5% per minute: there is half in half an hour, and 100% in a little more than an hour. The laptop itself is capable of charging other gadgets using the USB PD protocol, delivering up to 15 watts per 1 connector.

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Trusted brand and adequate price

A cursory examination of offers on the market reveals dozens of alternatives for realme Book Prime. There is a 4K display, the lowest weight in the class, there are even models with a simple graphics card from NVIDIA (all sorts of MX350 or MX450). Such “improvements” at the same price invariably affect other characteristics: only 8 GB of RAM is soldered somewhere, they saved on the display, the case material, and they installed a simple cooling system that could not cope with the hot temper of the processor or a cheap keyboard without backlighting.

Book Prime is not exchanged for such trifles. If the keyboard, then first-class: with an elastic and clear key travel, an adequate layout, and adjustable moonlight backlighting. The touchpad works great with multi-touch gestures and recognizes when you hold your finger on it to control the cursor, and when you accidentally touch it while typing. The built-in speakers were tuned by Harman, who is known for working with premium car audio preparation.

Even the ports are perfect: true Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C allows you to connect external graphics, powered displays, fast external SSDs, and other sophisticated peripherals with one click, turning a thin and travel-ready laptop into a powerful workstation.



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