Top 5 Apps To Try This Weekend by Rootvictor


The editorial staff of Victor Team presents its top 5 apps weekly to try. On the program this week: a ChatGPT extension for the internet browser, a tool for brainstorming or viewing information, a way to earn money without thinking about it, a service resolutely geared towards travel, and an addictive mobile game from the skateboard.

1. ChatGPT for Google

  • Support for a large number of search engines
  • Non-invasive on-screen pop-up
  • Free

The ChatGPT for Google web browser extension allows any Internet user to search for information on the Internet and to combine the use of a search engine with that of the OpenAI conversational robot. More than a huge time saver, the ChatGPT for Google extension is free to use.

It is fashionable, we hear about it on all fronts, and some even qualify it as a small revolution: ChatGPT has not finished making headlines. The conversational system boosted with artificial intelligence sees the birth of new applications every day that use its capabilities. This is particularly the case of the ChatGPT for Google browser extension that we select for this top five. Once added to the internet browser, the latter automatically displays the ChatGPT response to the query entered into a search engine. In other words, ChatGPT for Google allows the user to get their search engine results and OpenAI’s crawler response side by side on the page.

2. WeWard

  • Motivating social dimension
  • Opportunity to win real money
  • Encourages physical activity

WeWard is an application allowing anyone with a smartphone to make ends meet while doing physical activity. The concept is based on obtaining rewards based on the number of steps taken on a daily basis, visits to partner locations, and challenges to be met. The idea is rather nice, we regret nevertheless that it is necessary to walk a lot and anchor this practice in the long term to collect a correct sum of money.


Notice to great walkers, WeWard is a smartphone application that pays you for… walking. Let’s be clear from the start, WeWard will not make you a millionaire. On the other hand, the social functions of the application encourage you to walk more than your friends and to stay at the top of the leaderboard for the number of steps. Steps taken are converted into Wards, the application’s own points system. The user can then choose between different rewards, or exchange them for a real money transfer.

3. Skyscanner

  • Compare flight ticket prices
  • Search all destinations from an airport
  • Find inspiration for an upcoming trip

Skyscanner allows you to search and compare flight prices from different merchant sites. We really like the large number of filters offered to refine the search.


Skyscanner is one of the most well-known and used flight comparators. It must be said that the service offers relevant and very useful features. For example, we can search for the cheapest flights departing from Toulouse for all destinations, throughout the month of March. On the other hand, it should be noted that certain search filters are absent on the mobile application and that it will sometimes be appropriate to use the service through a computer directly in the internet browser.

4. TrueSkate

  • Movements of figures consistent with reality
  • Pleasant gameplay
  • rather addictive

With over 5 million downloads and 4.2☆ for 7,000 reviews, True Skate is a skateboard simulation on Android. With a Street League Skateboarding license, it’s the mobile game that makes a splash at your fingertips.

True Skate is a game available on smartphones. Although not recently released, True Skate is a benchmark in its field. In this skateboarding game, the gameplay takes place in the first person. The skater’s feet will be your index and middle fingers. Like an athlete, you will perform all types of figures by reproducing the movements of the legs with your fingers. At the crossroads of skateboarding and finger skating, the game True Skate is on the other hand paying. Note that in-app purchases are also available to unlock even more skateparks in which to have fun.

5. Mind Meister

  • Software usable on computers and smartphones
  • Many themes and card templates
  • Real-time collaboration

MindMeister is a comprehensive online software for creating mind maps. Usable alone or with others thanks to its compatibility with all the most common operating systems, this web application for creating mind maps is very accessible thanks to its easy handling and its many models to customize.


MindMeister belongs to the category of mind-mapping software. Also called mind maps in French, it is however customary to keep an anglicism on this field since we will more commonly use mindmap. Equipped with a good number of features in terms of layout and final visual rendering, MindMeister is an intuitive tool to use. He will be able to make himself useful for any brainstorming as well as for presenting ideas in a visual way, whether in a personal setting or a professional situation.


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