Tron will reach $1, $10 or $100 in 2023


Will Tron reach $1? Going from a growth rate of 0.131x in 1 month, it may take around 127 years for Tron to reach $10.

Tron is a blockchain-based operating system that aims to provide full ownership to digital content creators.

Tron’s main goal is to revolutionize the sharing of digital content and entertainment. In other words, their motive is to create a digital content entertainment platform that can help users share their digital content easily and cheaply.

What makes Tron unique is its innovative perspective. Also, he supports almost 2000 transactions in a second. Also, there is no transaction fee for the TRX token, which is really a competitive advantage for Tron.

With Tron, artists can fully own their content and share it without worrying about transaction fees.

It is really a plus point for the Tron Blockchain.

A crucial question TRON investors are asking is: Will Tron hit $1, $10, or even $100? If so, how long will it take to reach those levels? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in this report:

There are several factors that need to be considered when predicting the price of a cryptocurrency, such as its price movements, competitor analysis, market trends, etc.

Let’s look at them individually:

TRX Tron Price History

Price movements are always one of the crucial factors in determining and predicting the price of a cryptocurrency. Below is the all time price chart of TRX, we can see that the coin reached a high of $0.30 in 2018.

The lowest price of
TRX was $0.002 (in 2017), so it took almost 4 months for the Tron to reach its all-time high price of $0.30, a 150x growth from its lowest price to its highest price ever. the times.

The TRX price has fallen more than 50% in just 12 months, though it has faced a lot of ups and downs in between.

Tron vs Cardano – Growth curve

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform whose motive is to create a more transparent and secure platform for users and is one of the main competitors of the Tron blockchain. Let’s also look at the ADA growth curve:

Cardano’s all-time highest price was $2.94, which it reached 1 year ago. It took ADA almost 4 years to reach its highest value of all time. Meanwhile, it grew 117.6 times in those 4 years.

Will Tron reach $1?

TRX is 6 times lower than its all-time high of $0.30, considering its current price of $0.05. Now, taking into account your 150x growth rate in just 4 months (as discussed above), your one month growth rate is 37.5x. This means that in the next 12 months, the TRX market price may reach a theoretical value of $22.5.

But current macroeconomic factors and liquidity are not similar to 2017-18 or 2020-21. In other words, the TRX price can reach that value in an ideal scenario, but the conditions are still not ideal. Therefore, TRX will definitely not reach that value in the next 1 year.

So let’s try to figure out the most realistic value you can achieve in that period. As we can see (on the chart), the pump was quite sudden and could be due to certain factors (such as a fake pump), therefore it would be more logical to consider the next high of $0.15 which reached in April 2021.

It took TRX 38 months (February 2018 to April 2021) to reach a high value of $0.15 from $0.03, indicating 5x growth.

It means that, in the next 38 months, the price can only grow 5 times the current price of $0.05. Therefore, the TRX price can only reach a value of $0.25 in the next 38 months (more than 3 years) and not $1.

So will Tron hit $1? Well, certainly yes, but not anytime soon. To reach a value of $1, TRX must grow 20 times. Therefore, it may take 12.6 years to reach that value.

Will Tron hit $10?

TRX needs to grow 200 times to reach a value of $10.

Similarly, taking into account macroeconomic factors and liquidity conditions in the recent scenario, we cannot go beyond the ideal growth rate of 150x in 4 months. Considering the practical growth rate of 5x in 38 months, it would likely take about 127 years for Tron to hit $10. But again, the situation probably won’t stay the same all the time, and macroeconomic factors and liquidity may turn out to be in favor of the TRX currency. So you can probably reach that value before this.

So will Tron hit $10? Well, it’s certainly not practical if current factors prevail. But it can reach that value if the situation changes, taking into account the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Will Tron hit $100?

The current TRX market price (of $0.05) suggests that it needs to grow by 2000x to reach a value of $100. If Tron continues to grow at 0.131x in a month, it will definitely need 1,272 years to reach $100, which is practically impossible.

So will Tron hit $100? No, TRX certainly won’t hit that value because it’s not practical enough. But, considering the increasing competition from TRX and other factors, Tron can expect good growth in the near future.


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