Where is function? How to prevent tracking of iPhones?

Switched-off iPhones can be located via the “Where is?” network. To prevent this, there is a simple trick. The “Where is?” app from Apple has meanwhile transformed itself into an indispensable search network on devices. With their help, not only the AirTags can be located – AirPods, iPhones, and MacBooks can also be tracked. If the user agrees, friends or family members can see the device’s location. Since iOS 15, the iPhone has offered another innovation: the device sends the current location even when the battery is empty. But a switched-off smartphone shouldn’t always reveal the current position – you can hide the information with a simple trick.
How to prevent tracking of iPhones?

iPhone: Disable location on power off

For example, in order not to be exposed when planning a surprise for your loved one, it is advisable not to share the location. However, simply switching off the iPhone does not prevent the data from being transferred. It is practical that Apple offers an additional option for all devices from the iPhone 12: The option to deactivate location sharing appears on the screen under the slide to switch off the iPhone. Tap on it, and Apple will inform you about this option. With a tip on “Disable search temporarily” you get to the deactivation. After switching it on again, the network finds the iPhone again as usual. This is a temporary intervention in monitoring.

Less protection against theft?

By the way: thieves cannot avoid being pursued with this method. To disable location sharing, you need to enter the lock code. This protects against unwanted use of this feature. This function should be used with caution by anyone who has taken out the Apple Care+ guarantee program: In order to get a new device in the event of theft or loss, the search for “Where is?” be permanently active. In this case, a temporary deactivation may cause problems.

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