Why in WhatsApp the names of the contacts do not appear


The truth is that there is a main reason that is usually to blame for this error. However, it may have been due to another reason. In any case, we will have different options to correct this annoying problem that will even leave us without all our contacts on whatsapp. In addition, we will have to take a look at other inconveniences that we could have with our contacts within the messaging app.

contacts not showing up

You may not only see the names of your contacts. However, there are not a few users who have verified how they cannot reach or see the people they have saved in their mobile agenda within the messaging app. This problem is more common than we think. And, the main responsible for this failure will be data synchronization. Although, in general, we will only have the problem that the numbers of your contacts are displayed instead of their names.

And to finish this WhatsApp error solved, the best thing we can do on our part is to restore the synchronization from the messaging app settings. To do this, these will be the steps that we will have to follow from the phone application:

  • First, go to the app Settings del smartphone.
  • Once inside, tap on the tab accounts.
  • Then go to the box WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the option Delete account.
  • Next, enter the messaging app and click on the option contacts.
  • Finally, click on the three dots (more options) and tap on To update.

Updating contacts on WhatsApp

However, if this method, which is usually the solution that fixes this error, does not work for you and you continue without being able to see the contacts. The truth is that we will have to review a series of settings, since the configuration of your phone could be preventing WhatsApp from working properly.

They appear, but only the numbers

It may also happen that, after following the steps of the previous method, we cannot see the contacts or that only the phone numbers appear, but without the names. This may be because the security settings of your smartphone is not allowing WhatsApp to work as it should. Although, to fix this app failure, we still have three possible solutions.

Sync contacts

In this case, we are not referring to the previous option that we find within WhatsApp with which we can update the phone’s agenda with the messaging app. Now, we will have to check where our contacts are saved and synchronize them. More than anything, because we may have them saved on the SIM card, in the smartphone’s memory or, also, synchronized with the Google account.

It is for this very reason that we must quickly check if the contacts do not appear correctly because the phone cannot locate the numbers. To solve this, we will have to do the following:

  • Let’s go to the app contacts the of telephone.
  • Then we play on their settings.
  • Inside, we look for the tab of contacts.
  • Then tap on Sync settings.
  • Tap on your account and activate the auto sync.

sync mobile contacts

Check the mobile agenda

Another of the main culprits that we do not correctly see the names of all the people that we have saved in our agenda, is precisely from this last app. That is, there is a problem with the agenda that prevents us from properly viewing each of the names of the people that we had saved on the phone. For this reason, it will be difficult find someone by name on whatsapp.

If they have disappeared, we will have to restore the contacts. We may have a backup. But if not, we can import them from Google account or internal storage Of the device. In this way, we will recover all the contacts. And, later, you will have to access WhatsApp to update them.

mobile contacts

check the permissions

The permits They may be behind all this problem with the people you have saved in the phone’s agenda. Basically, if we don’t have them properly configured, it will be impossible for the messaging app to be able to access the phone’s contacts. So, in this case, we will have to follow this series of steps:

  • First of all, go to the Settings of the mobile.
  • Tap on the tab Applications.
  • Find the app of WhatsApp.
  • Within this menu, click on the option permissions.
  • Check that the box contacts is activated and appears in Permitted. If not, tap on the tab and select Allow.
Configuring security permissions in WhatsApp

Country code is missing

Although we believe that it does not influence, the truth is that the digits that determine which country a telephone number belongs to will be vital. For this reason, for the messaging application to be able to show us the contact, keep in mind that you must have the prefix of your country. For example, pFor Spain it is +34, so check if your contact has those digits added to the beginning of the phone. If it’s not there, you can quickly add it by following these steps:

  • First, go to the Agenda of your device.
  • Find the contact and click on their name to be able to edit it.
  • If the country code does not appear, you will have to put it at the beginning of the number of phone.
  • Finally, click on Save.

number prefix

There are contacts that are not in the agenda

Although it will not be the most common, the truth is that we can find different contacts within WhatsApp that we will not have saved in the phone’s agenda. This happens basically pbecause they add us to some group within the messaging app where there are other people that we do not have saved in the phone’s contacts.

Create public WhatsApp group

Therefore, if at any given time any of those people who made up a group has sent us a message and we have not deleted that chat, it appears to us within the messaging application. Only with the telephone number and without a name, since we had not saved it in the agenda. The same happens if they have left us a missed call through the app.

Although, you do not want to have to continually see those WhatsApp contacts that you do not have saved on your mobile, it is best that you delete the chat. In this way, they will disappear and will not be shown again within the app. At least until that specific person talks to you or calls you again. However, if you want to prevent these users from writing or calling you, you can always block them.


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