How to Track Anyone’s Whatsapp Online Status

Are you looking for an arrangement to utilize different accounts in the same gadget? If yes, at that point you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will tell you about an app that will provide you with a wide variety of features by which you can easily simply get help. 

This time, utilizing different accounts in a single gadget with few taps is simple. 

So without wasting any time let’s move on to this app.

WT Tracker– Web Scanner 

The Web Scanner app is here to offer assistance in a simple approach. 

You can utilize numerous accounts in the same gadget, download, and spare Statuses, reestablish erased messages, and send messages without sparing a contact number. So you can appreciate all the four offices on one single platform.

The best Coordinate sending message app is a helpful stage to send messages to anybody without sparing with full privacy his or her number. It is a safe and secure stage for those who bargain with sending the message.

Also, Friends, let us tell you that its size is only 23 MB which you will easily get on Google Play Store.  And you do not need to pay any money to download it because it is free.

WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp Tracker

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WT Tracker App Features:

Web QR Scanner

WT Tracker app permits you to oversee anyone’s account by filtering a QR code and connecting their account. You can utilize up to six accounts in the same gadget utilizing a Web QR scan.

Status Saver

WT Tracker app makes a difference in storing other’s status on a portable gadget capacity and get to them at any time. 

WT Tracker illuminates this issue and with the offer of assistance, you might spare other’s status and utilise them at any time. With the modern status included, all status naturally vanishes after 24 hours.

Direct Chat

WT Tracker gives an unused era highlight called Coordinate Chat. 

No matter whether you have spared the number of anybody or not. You can straightforwardly send the message on anyone’s profile by looking at the number. It is a valuable resource for experts who wish to send the bulk message.

Search Profile

You can also Search other people’s profiles easily with the help of this app. To search for a profile, simply Enter the number and discover the profile of the individual. It is a basic and simple handle to discover the profile of any person.

Restore erased message

At that point this alternative is valuable. 

If the sender has erased the sent message, at that point too you will be able to check out the message in the reestablish erased message highlight. 

WT Tracker app recoups all erased messages by checking your gadget notification.

Clean interface

The WT Tracker app has a clean interface that makes it user-friendly. Also, you can easily use this app without any tutorial because it has a clean interface.

Light/Dark Theme

It also has two types of Themes namely Light and Dark Themes. It has the office to set the subject light and dull as per the user’s wish so your eyes will not get affected by these themes.


Also, you can share the WT Tracker app with your companions and family.

Privacy and Security 

Also, you don’t have to be panicked about its security and privacy because it is a completely safe and secure app in which your data will not get leaked.


You would have easily learned a lot about this app from the information given above through this article. I hope you have got help from the information given in this article. 

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